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Our Customers Love Us!

"Self Defense Supply, on this holiday labor day weekend, when business has slowed with everyone trying to grab a piece of the end of summer, I'd like to thank Self Defense Supply & staff for all their help. I started my business approximately 2 years ago buying a couple knives in hopes of selling them for a mere profit to buy another. Things progressed due to my love for knives & the craving for more profits, of course. One thing became clear, talking to more dealers & friends made, Self Defense Supply became a common topic of discussion.

I established my dealer privileges and it was off to the races. Self Defense's sales representatives (especially Nicole is the best, Rosie, such a sweet heart & Boyd is the man) are extremely helpful & go the extra mile for you.

The years have gone by & my business is very much established with good profits & I have many more wholesale company connections to choose from. I've still stayed with Self Defense as my main wholesale company of choice. I've ventured into more self-defense products other than knives & I've been very happy with all the products.

At a recent wholesale convention I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Dana Ellington (el presidente) Dana was very considerate in taking the time (in the middle of madness) to listen to my concerns & questions about my business & our businesses relationship. We were able to resolve and answer many issues. This relieved a lot of my anxiety on some issues. This was a great help. Thx Dana

Thank you all down in Texas (my old stomping grounds) at Self Defense Supply. Keep up the good work!"
SP - Casper, WY

"Been in business over 30 years.  Not only are your products great, but your order turn around is amazing.  Quickest service I've ever seen from any company I've dealt with.  Once I got my order less than 24 hours after ordering.  Happy with service.  Keep up the good work ya'll."
JW - Brownsfield, TX

"For 15 years Self Defense Supply has been the main stay for my vending business and it just keeps getting better. I feel like part of the family. Thanks Guys."
CS - Dallas, TX

"You have always been the BEST - with prices - speed & ease to purchase."
JWC - Austin, TX

"Years ago... I was ordering $100.00 orders per show & now it's $12,000 or more per year which shows tremendous growth with help from your sales people... I enjoy what I do and enjoy badgering Rosemary."
TC - Dayton, OH

"Your fast turnaround & customer assistance is excellent.  Your prices are most competitive."
RK - Los Lunas, NM

"I have sold other products in my shop, but they were not the quality that I buy from your company.  Your products are of a good quality and I have no problem selling them in my shop.  Keep up the good work."
TS - Littleton, NC

"I do very well with your products.  Good mark upo.  Customers love all the "COOL STUFF"." 
MS - Newport Beach, CA

"I have really enjoyed doing business with ya'll the past couple of years.  Your stuff is friendly and very helpful if I have an issue, which is very rare.  I think your website is great.  A lot of products organized where everything is easy to find.  Also, I love the fast shipping.  Keep up the good work and thanks alot." 
VC - Stanton, AL

"I always get excellent service from Nicole- She always makes an extra effort to accommodate me.  I am happy with Self Defense." 

ET - Newport News, VA

"I like Nicole when I place an order.  Nicole is honest and takes a common sense approach to her job.  She is the best." 
JS - Jonesboro, GA

"About 12 years ago we found SDS.  We have used you only every since then.  We shop from you a lot.  We have has several similar types of companies try to woo us away but so far we have been loyal." 
GM - Dallas, TX

"Several years ago I started making knives as a hobby.  I have always loved knives since I was a kid.  I started a small business two years ago selling and sharpening knives.  I saw your ad in Blade Magazine and decided to check it out.  Your catalog has a lot of unique items in it.  I have also had a big interest in camping and martial arts.  The service we have received so far has been excellent." 
SD - Palmer, AK

"Best Prices." 
JS - Jonesboro, GA

"Your prompt service and the quick response to my questions are only two od the reasons that Self Defense is without a doubt the best distributor on the internet to do business with.  Once again let me say thank you for your great service.." 
A - Kansas City, KS

"I've been dealing with SDS for 10 years now.  They have successfully guided me through the in and outs of this very exciting business.  If it weren't for SDS, I would never have survived." 
JL - Fort Worth, TX

"I just started in this business and you guys have made it so easy for me.  Thanks!" 
BT - Shreveport, LA